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About SpeakOut Schools

Katharine Collins

One of the top fears in the world is the fear of public speaking – it is right up there with death and flying. 


As the founder of Baily Consulting (my corporate consultancy business) and the director of SpeakOut Schools, I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people overcome this fear and reach their speaking potential.


I have worked with people who speak professionally for a living right through to those whose career progression has been limited due to a fear of public speaking.  


I am delighted to now be helping students to learn the key skills involved in public speaking, increase their self-confidence and reduce their anxiety. 

SpeakOut Schools

SpeakOut Schools main objective is to help students boost their self-confidence, self-esteem, and learn new skills that they can use for life. 


We run school holiday public speaking workshops for students from year 3 to year 12.  In addition to this we also run teacher workshops and parent seminars to ensure that there is a common language and approach when it comes to helping your child excel at public speaking.

As  a TEDx speaker coach, a qualified counsellor, a professional facilitator, and a keynote speaker, I am passionate about helping people realise that to be a great speaker takes skill, not talent – and skills can always be learnt.  

Marty Wilson, TEDx speaker, comedian

I’ve been a professional speaker for 9 years, and before that I was a full-time Stand Up Comic in the UK for a decade, so when I signed up to do a TEDTalk my rampant ego had me thinking I wouldn't really need any “coaching". What an idiot. A mere 10 minutes into my first session with Katharine Collins, I realised I was working with someone of the absolute highest calibre and I needed to be quiet and learn. 

Kat has the calm, good-humoured demeanour that would fill even a novice speaker with confidence. 

Ridiculously good at what she does, Kat is the ideal speaker coach for anyone - from seasoned professional to total novice.



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