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School Holiday Camps

I am just writing to say how good the Speak Out Schools course was. The course truly was exceptional as I developed confidence in public speaking. It was great to see the dedication you put into the 2 day course involving activities and creating an open and safe area were we all felt comfortable in learning further about public speaking. I learnt about all areas of public speaking and went into a lot of depth that wouldn't be taught in schools. You provided useful tips that I currently use in my schooling assignments. Your work was outstanding as it stretched to all age groups getting us all involved. Your kind-hearted soul made me relaxed along with the others and we all have learnt a lot that has been helpful for us currently and will in the future. I highly recommend it for anyone considering doing the course as the course helps not only public speaking but socialisation, school work and structure of assignments. 


Chole T, Wenona student 

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